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A Cabbage Patch Style Baby’s Hat

January 15, 2014

Did you ever have one of those days when you have a million other things on your to-do list, but then you feel compelled to drop it all to take on a new, probably not as productive thing?

I had one of those days last week after I saw a couple of friends post a link on Facebook that compelled me to stop whatever I was doing to create a Cabbage Patch Doll hat for my younger daughter:


I could not resist the urge to create this and I think I might go and draft a pattern for it.

It’s been years since I crocheted anything, and I was surprised by how much “finger-memory” I had. This was such a fun project that I am tempted to make another one, only in an orange-red color so that she’ll be an adorable ginger.

I know, right?!

Cat Quilt-Along

January 7, 2014

I’m happy to say that my first project for 2014 is finished! A cat quilt for my oldest kitten:DSC_6475

Here it is all finished and I think this is my current favorite quilt. I say that about each project I finish though! It took me about an hour to quilt the whole thing, and I have to say that after working on the huge Swoon quilt, this was a breeze to do.


I could not bear to throw away the beautiful Northcott scraps so I pieced them together to make up the back:


What’s a quilt without a label? I embroidered the label initially with a 2013, which is when I thought I would finish, so I ended up switching it to a 4 right before I quilted it!DSC_6479My daughter was full of so much joy when I handed it to her fresh off the sewing machine. Her favorite animal is a cat, so when I saw these blocks, I knew this quilt had to go in her room.

We had turned her walk-in closet into a play area with homemade shelves and her dollhouse (to keep her baby sister away from tiny pieces) so it fit perfectly as a quilt rug: DSC_6484Right now, I have been working like crazy to finish hand quilting a very special project, and I am already ready to start yet another project (or three).

Swoon Quilt Turned Rug

January 1, 2014

(Happy New Year! I wanted to share one of my finished projects today and eventually catalog it all into one space.)

Have you seen the amazing Swoon quilts floating around the internet ever since Camille Roskelley debuted the pattern?


It took me many stops and starts, but I finally finished it this November after starting the project in early 2012. When I first started the project, I made it the 9 blocks and was ready to finish it when my husband asked me what I planned to do with it.

That conversation then led to finding a “home” for the quilt and I decided to add another row so that it would be on our queen bed. After I finished the quilt top however, I put it in a basket and promptly moved on to the next project.

Fast forward to last year when I found myself searching for a cotton or wool rug for the playroom that would not cost more than a couple hundred dollars that was larger than an 5×7. Pretty much impossible, huh?

That’s when I remembered my unfinished Swoon quilt which then became our children’s playroom rug.


I haven’t heard about many people using quilts as rugs (I did some Googling), but if you think about it, it’s quite genius (if I do so say myself). I mean, we already make baby quilts for babies to lay on right? Why not go bigger for the whole house?

A wool or cotton rug at this size would have been impossible to wash (only spot-clean), and when my quilt rug gets stained or dirty (and it already has) I can throw it in the washing machine (which I already have).

Quilting this was extremely challenging on my little Brother CS6000i machine. Trust me, it can be done but man, did it leave me sore!DSC_5919

The rug is held down with rug grippers, but we are also keeping our eyes out for remnant carpet pads on our next trip out to the hardware store.DSC_5920

I am so happy that I found this quilt its purpose and my children love crawling and relaxing on the “rug.” DSC_5931Have you ever thought about using a quilt as a rug? I am in love and am planning on making two small scale ones for our garage to house door and our kitchen to patio door.