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Adventures with a Serger

April 30, 2014

At the beginning of the month I got a serger as an early anniversary present from my husband. (I might have been really heavy on the hints!)

Unfortunately it sat in the box unopened until last week when I decided to make a skirt for my daughter.

It was pretty intimidating for me,  though I consider myself a confident beginner. I’m going to be honest and say that at one point as I was trying to thread the lower looper over and over again I pretty much had a meltdown. DSC_7509Picture lots of cursing which then went to hysterically laughing but with tears running out of my face in frustration. My mom took one look at me and declared me crazy. My husband likes to remind me of the Albert Einstein quote about how the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result.

Yes, that was me last week.

I think after an hour of doing this (I am also quite persistent.), I realized I should just look up a YouTube video or website tutorial.


And ten minutes later, I was back to sewing.

My favorite resource so far has been this fabulous site.

Two Patchwork PDQ Baby Quilts

April 10, 2014

Last week I finished three quilts. Well these were all a few weeks in the making, but I ended up quilting all three of them in a row and finishing them up within a couple days of each other.

The first two I’m sharing today are Patchwork PDQ Quilts. I really love this fast and simple pattern. I’ve previously made a throw size one for my first child before she was born and I decided to use the pattern again to make two baby size quilts for a couple of special friends who are expecting their first babies to make their debut this summer.

(Also you should note that I thought it was pretty fun to show off these quilts with a “real” background: our children’s playroom! It’s pretty appropriate, right? Scattered toys and all!)

The first quilt was for a really good friend in college. We used to watch Friends together on Thursday nights, go study at the cafe, knit and crochet with a couple other girls, and go running together!

She and her husband are expecting a baby boy, so I pulled 9 fat quarters from my stash. Well, I pulled 11 because I cut the first 2 wrong. Those became part of the binding and backing, so it worked out:


The backing was pretty simple, and as I continue making quilts I find that I really do not like keeping all the leftover fabric scraps from completed projects. I’ve started to incorporate all the extras into the backing and binding which makes me happy and makes my quilts look cuter!


The second Patchwork PDQ Baby Quilt is for a friend I met through book club when we lived in Virginia. We really hit it off and I also gave her and another friend sewing lessons! I don’t know if she ever finished the project, or if she ever made quilts with the fabric she bought when we went shopping together, so I thought a quilt for her baby would be a fun nod to our time together.

She and her husband were so thoughtful when our second daughter was born with bringing us meals and gifts. I was really sad when they moved away to California! They are keeping their baby’s gender a surprise, so this was a bit more challenging for me to choose fabrics. I ended up pulling a lot of my scrap fabrics (woohoo!) and added a couple of fat quarters in to make up the rest. I really like how this one turned out:DSC_7236

The back, with more scrap fabric and binding. I labeled both quilts with embroidery.DSC_7238

Both quilts were quilted in a large meandering design. It was pretty fun because in the past I have done meandering loops.

After the quilts were washed I needed to make sure they would work for a baby:


It works!  😉