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Finished My Sweetiepie ABCs Cross Stitch Sampler

March 28, 2016

Wow I’m almost embarrassed to admit this is my most recent completed fabric project! It’s been what seems like forever.

Oh well, here it is, My Sweetiepie ABCs Cross Stitch Sampler that I ordered as a kit is finally, finally finished:


I really got stuck on letter H and then again at T. My T is actually a little off-pattern because I was not going to re-do it again! I have memories of watching Daredevil and Jessica Jones while stitching this!

And, for the curious, here’s the back, with loose threads still needing to be snipped:IMG_8595

Usually once I finish a cross-stitch or embroidery project I ask my husband to help me frame it and hang it up. So, it’ll probably be another year before that actually happens! I’m planning on putting it in our children’s bedroom along with my other stitched pieces.