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What I’m Working On Now

April 11, 2016

One of the things I usually do is shop the after-Christmas sales. Last December I stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up some wrapping paper for this Christmas, when I spotted this kit on clearance as well.

I kind of walked by it a few times, debating whether or not I should buy it. (It was either half off or more I can’t remember now.) For one thing, I wasn’t sure if I would finish it in time for Christmas! For another, my husband is usually the one who does the lights and decor for Christmas…I usually just hang the ornaments on the trees!IMG_8596

In the end, I decided to go ahead and buy it. I enjoy crafting and I love having handwork to do on the evenings we watch television. (I can’t sit still and only watch something. I feel like I’m wasting time.)

It’s coming along together a lot faster than I anticipated, so maybe it will actually be done and I can hang it up in the house come Christmas!

Estate Sale Finds

April 4, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I randomly stopped at an estate sale with my mom as we ran errands for the day. We saw some signs posted and decided on a whim to go and see.

The estate sale was for a woman who had so many crafts. It was pretty amazing to see all the stuff she had from woodwork pieces to paint to dolls and dollhouses to quilts and yarn and everything you could think of.

I found this embroidery kit, along with several hoops:


I also picked up a roll of 11 count fabric and three boxes of nicely labeled embroidery floss.

My mom picked up several skeins of beautiful wool yarn. All in all the total for everything was $50, which after examining the skeins retailed for $16.85 a piece. I’m pretty excited to have brought these home as I have some patterns waiting for me to work on.

I felt so many mixed emotions at the estate sale. On one hand it is so sad to see all these possessions being sold or thrown away, but I hope the previous owner appreciates that we will love her crafty treasures.