Hi I’m Vera. I’m a wife, a mom to two littles, and a recent transplant from VA to TX.

andshesewsme2I love making things. I have dabbled in crochet, knitting, cross-stitch, scrapbooking, and all sorts of crafts. Right now I love making things on the sewing machine.

Before 2010, I sewed two things in my middle school home ec class:  a pillow and a pair of shorts. I don’t remember what happened to the pillow, but I wore those shorts until college, and then after college. The fabric faded and the elastic no longer worked its magic. Man, I loved those shorts.


(My shorts, circa 2004. I think I was going for contemplative, but I look mad. I promise I wasn’t!)

I always wanted to learn to sew and make a quilt, and that opportunity arrived when the local library offered a free program to do just that. I loved it instantly. Sure I was the youngest person in the class, but it was nice because all the ladies thought I was adorable and taught me a couple of tricks and techniques to help me.


One of the most memorable lessons in the class was when our instructor suggested that we keep a journal to keep track of all the things we make. Brilliant, right?

And She Sews is a place for me to write, share, and document my adventures in sewing and crafting. Okay, also whatever else I feel compelled to share with the internet world.

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